Vasectomy Specialist

Going to the doctor can be intimidating. Going to the urologist, even more so. But from the moment you meet our specialists your apprehension will begin to dissipate. Our confidential approach to discussing vasectomies, and most importantly, solutions to your situation will immediately put your mind at ease.

The Procedure

The urology surgeons at Puyallup Surgical Consultants can perform a vasectomy in the clinic or if necessary in our state of the art Puyallup Ambulatory Surgical Center. Vasectomy is a minor surgery that should take about 15 to 30 minutes.

Before the vasectomy, your scrotum will be shaved and cleaned. Usually local anesthesia is used. So you will be awake but should not feel any pain. Some patients may also be given medicine to reduce anxiety. With a standard vasectomy, the urologist makes one or two small cuts in the scrotum. One vas deferens tube is cut and tied or sealed with heat. The tube is replaced inside the scrotum. The procedure is then repeated on the other side. Lastly, the skin is closed with stitches that dissolve and do not have to be removed.